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Auto Transformers (VARIAC)

Auto Transformers (VARIAC) Auto Transformers (VARIAC)
“VARIAC” Auto Transformers 1 Ph. (Closed / Open type) are designed to give output voltage of 260-270 Volts for the input voltage of 240 Volts. 3 Phase “VARIAC” Auto Transformers are designed to give output voltage of 470 Volts for input 415 Volts.

These are available in manual and motorised operating type.

“VARIAC” Auto Transformer :- Is a continuously variable voltage auto transformer, having a movable carbon tip, fixed to a brush-arm sliding on a silver plated commutator. Rotation of the brush-arm by either manual or motor drive, delivers-an output voltage from zero to or above line voltage. Variac conforms to I. S. 5142 of 1969.

1. RUGGED CONSTRUCTION : Variac Auto-transformers are designed for heavy duty trouble-free operation. All components are designed to
    give maximum life to the unit under extreme operating conditions. Except, for carbon tips, no other part needs any specific maintenance.
    Even carbon tips do not require to be changed frequently. This practically makes the VARIAC a maintenance free electrical equipment.

2. EXCELLENT REGULATION : The drop in voltage from "no load to full load" is minimal in Variac Auto-transformers.

3. HIGH EFFICIENCY : Careful copper, core selection and design assures the user of low watt loss, as compared to other types of controllers.

4. NO WAVE FORM DISTORTION : VARIAC provides an output voltage wave-form, which is a faithful and distortionless replica of the input
    voltage wave-form.

5. SILVER PLATED COMMUTATOR : A special silver plating technique is used on the commutator enabling it to withstand high overloads and
    maintain constant contact drop. It also ensures smooth operation, long life and increased resistance to corrosion.

6. LOW OPERATING TORQUE : A glass smooth commutator, special sintered bushings for the shaft and perfect assembling of the coils, results in
    low operating torque for all Variac Auto-transformers.

7. SMOOTH AND LINEAR OUTPUT : As voltage between turns is small and as the brush-arm is in constant contact with more than one turn,
    harmful sparking is avoided and output voltage can be set very easily to a fraction of a volt from zero onwards by rotation of the knob.

8. LOW MAGNETIZING CURRENT : By using an adequate section of high quality grain oriented silicon steel, the iron losses in Variac, are
    controlled to the minimum, The no-load current in all Variac transformers, is invariably less than 5% of the rated current.

9. NEGLIGIBLE MAINTENANCE AND TROUBLE-FREE LONG LIFE : Variac has been carefully designed. No special care has to be taken to
    maintain Variac Auto-transformers in-normal- working environments. The only components needing inspection and maintenance are the
    carbon tips and the commutator. Timely replacement of carbon tips and cleaning of the commutator surface of foreign particles and accumulated
    dust, will ensure a considerably long, maintenance-free, and uninterrupted life to the unit. Normally Variac Auto-transformers upto 28 Amps.
    are offered in air-cooled or oil cooled construction and models of 40 Amps. and above, are offered in oil-cooled construction in very special
    cases, Variacs of 40 Amps. & above can be offered in air-cooled construction. This is possible due to the new paralleling techniques adopted by us.
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