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Battery Charger

Battery Charger

SPECIFICATION : 24 Volts DC, 10 Amps. DC

INPUT VOLTAGE : 230 Volts AC (Mains cord provided for input supply)

OUTPUT VOLTAGE : 24 Volts DC at 10Amps Selectable Steps at 6/12/18/24 Volts

CAPACITY : 10 Amps DC (Maximum.)

COMPONENTS : Main Transformer, Rectifier Stack, Ammeter, Voltmeter, Pilot Lamp, AC Fuse, On/OFF Switch, Selector Switch, Output Terminals.



The Battery Charger is designed for working on single phase 200/250 Volts AC and capable of charging 1/2 Nos 12 Volts battery at 10 Amps Maximum at an ambient temperature of 45oC.

Connect 230 Volts supply, Pilot Lamp will Indicate mains as ON. Before switching on the AC supply, connect the 12Volts battery with correct polarity. Ammeter and Voltmeter provided will indicate the current and voltage respectively

Trickle/Boost switch is provided. Slow Charging can be done by selecting the trickle position. On the boost side, variation in the charging current could be made according to the conditions of the battery which please note

Output terminals are provided with red positive and black negative. And while connecting to the battery correct polarity should be connected.

The unit is made for trouble free operations.

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