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Cell Tester

Cell Tester Cell Tester :- Mode l CE 653.
CT is useful for checking battery voltage in automobiles, laboratories and other applications. Center zero dial of 65mm diameter provide voltage reading with polarity indication. A terminal spike fitted on the top at the instrument, can be directly connected to one of the battery terminals. 150mm long insulated prod with flexible test lead, can be connected to the other battery terminal.

Range :- 3 – 0 – 3 volts (6-0-6 and 30-0-30volts, available optional, upon request)

Accuracy :-
2.5% of F.S.D.

Meter :-
Permanent magnet moving coil type of DC volt meter with center zero scale of 60 divisions and external zero adjuster. Housed in black ABS moulded cabinet.

Sensitivity :-
100 0 Ohms per volt.

Standards :-
Confirms to P&T specifications I.T.D. no. S/XV-100C.

Weight (Approximately) :-
200 gms.
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