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D. C. Shunt

D. C. Shunt

ME shunts are available for current ratings from 5-10000 Amps and mill volt drops of 75 milli volts. (Other voltage drops can be provided at request) The Shunts confirms to IS Standards 1248

ME Shunts consists of Mangenin rods soldered or silver brazed to brass end blocks. The shunts are artificially aged after manufacture and then tested on full load. Shunts are supplied with leads of 0.025 ohms. The lead resistance is taken into account while calibrating the shunt.
ACCURACY : Class 1

OVERLOAD : Shunts are capable of withstanding temperatures upto 120 C without any permanent alterations in physical or electrical properties. Overloads and faults which results in temperatures of this magnitude can be safely handled
All 75 milli volts drop shunts of class 1, withstand the following overload

2 X rated current for 3 minutes.
4 X rated current for 30 seconds.10 X rated current for 5 seconds.
TEMPERATURE CO-EFFECIENT : 0.002% Per degree centigrade, above ambient temperature in still air, with free ventilation. Temperature not exceeding 120°C at the center and 90°C at the ends.
D. C. Shunt

Dimensions as per ISS 1248/68 for 75 milivolt drop Shunt
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