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Load Banks

Load Banks

(Resistor / Lamp / Capacitor / Induction type)

INTRODUCTION : ME Load Bank is a single phase and three phase variable Lamp or resistor or capacitor or Induction load housed in metal case as shown in the diagram. It is provided with castor wheels (except Induction Load) for easy handling. Ammeters and Voltmeters are provided on the front panel to indicate the current and voltage respectively. Also heavy-duty Porcelain switches with bakelite top and inner brass contact or Anchor Switches or MCBs (As per the load capacity) are provided for safety. For Mains ‘ON’, MCB is provided.

The Load Banks are used to simulate load conditions to test Voltmeters, Ammeters and Wattmeters. Load can be simulated by using the load switches provided on the bench. Total load simulated is sum of the loads of all 'ON' switches.

The pictures shown is a three in one unit comprises of Capacitor, Induction and Resistor loads (in order) in single Load Bank.

LOAD TYPE :- In resistance Load Bank Resistor wire as per required capacity is wound on the porcelain tube; in the same manner Bulbs are provided for bulb load bank (LAMP Bank) and Capacitor are provided for Capacitance load bank. Induction Load Bank is smoothly variable, core balance type inductive load. In this type, the load is increased or decreased by increasing or decreasing the air gap between the coils. In this Rotating knob is provided on the top of the panel for operating the air gap.

OPERATING :- Before switching on the load bank, put all load switches in 'OFF' position. In induction load bank, keep the Coils in closed position, Switch on the Load Bank. Switch on the load switches one by one till the required load is simulated. For Induction Load Bank rotate the knob to increase the air gap and current will start increasing smoothly. Load Voltage & Load Current will be indicated on the Voltmeter & Ammeter respectively on the panel.


INPUT MAIN VOLTAGE                :           230/415V AC.
VOLTMETER RANGE                    :           0-300/500V AC.
AMMETER RANGE                       :           5 - 100A AC.
LOAD RANGE                             :           1-25 KW.
LOAD TYPE                                :           Bulb / Resistance / Capacitor / Induction Load

NOTE :- 3 Phase Load Bank have the provision for connecting it into 3 phase Star or delta Mode.

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