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Portable Meter

Portable Meter
ME Portable meter can be moving coil, Moving Iron or dynamometer type and have method of indication by means of deflecting pointer only. These instruments are manufactured to meet the requirement of IS 1248/83. CONSTRUCTION : All the instruments are manufactured by the best quality material to give satisfactory performance over a long period. ME Portable meters are mounted on bakelite panel fitted in New Pine wood case with rubber footing and rexine strap provided with anti-parallax mirror and knife-edge pointer.

The moment is fitted on the bakelite panel. The moment is secured between two saffire jewels. The precisely ground pivots are been used for minimizing the friction and sustain accuracy in vigorous field condition. The effective oil damping provides uniformly control torque and brings the indicating pointer to its final deflecting position without much oscillation.

All the metal parts are adequately plated to suit the tropical condition. Instruments are effectively shielded from external magnetic effects and electrostatic influences.

All the instruments have zero setting device in the front except power factor meters.

APPLICATION : ME Portable Meters are used for the measurements of the electrical quantities like current, voltage, Power (Active , Reactive) or the power factor of the network.


Moving Coil Moving Iron Dynamometer
Principle of Working Moving Coil Moving Iron Iron Free Electro Dynamometer Type
Accuracy 1.0% 1.0% 1.0%
Frequency 50 Hz 50 Hz 50 Hz
Scale Length 145 mm Approx. 145 mm Approx. 145 mm Approx.
Temperature Calibration at 270C Calibration at 270C Calibration at 270C
Damping Magnet Oil Oil
Insulation Resistance Test Over 20 Mohms DC Over 20 Mohms DC Over 20 Mohms DC
H. V. Test 2 KV 2 KV 2 KV
Size In mm Approx. 190 X 210 X 110 190 X 210 X 110 190 X 210 X 140
Weight Approx. 1.5 Kgs 1.5 Kgs 2.5 Kgs
DAMPING TEST : Less than 4 seconds for the pointer to come to within 1.5% of its steady state value when a current corresponding to 2/3 of the full scale value is applied.
  Center Zero or shifted zero instrument are available in moving coil and dynamo type meters.
  Multi range voltmeters , ammeters and wattmeters are available.
  Precision grade instruments are available with accuracy 0.5%.
  Magnetic shielding can be provided
  Demonstration type meters are available
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