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Wire-Wound Rheostats, Hand Sliding Type

Wire-Wound Rheostats, Hand Sliding Type
Wire-wound Rheostats, Hand Sliding Type  

1) Core Porcelain Tube, Non-Magnetic Non-Inductive Tubular Type.

2) Contact Block : Squire piece made of material is fitted with contact sliders in the guide squir rod. Bright chrome plated Phosphor bronze strip which makes immediate contact with the guide rod. A backlite knob is fitted with squire piece for sliding up and down.

3) Guide Rod : Solid draven brass rod bright chrome plated squire.

4) Contact Material : Multiple brushes of Phosphors bronze strip rolled strip give springy action to the contacts.

Winding Wires : Eureka wire for low value and nichrom wire 80/20 grade for higher values.

Temperature rise : 200oC above ambient temperature High Voltage Test : 2 KV A.C. for 1 minute between end support and any one of 3 wires terminals of the wire.

End supports : Aluminium brackets painted.

Terminals : Bright Chrome plated brass nuts and screws one at each end of Leaneer Type Wire-Wound Resistor  and the third one at both the side of guide rod.

All Electrical Connectors are made from chrome plated brass material.

Rotary Sliding Rheostate, Double tube and Multiple Tubes, Non-Standard values, wattage on specific request, Available from 100 Ma to 100 Amps 0.3 ohms to 25 Kohms.

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